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Jump on the Bus Annual Celebration

Jump on the Bus! An annual Christmas celebration that brings youth in foster care together to celebrate as one.

Jump on the Bus originated back in 2013 by Penny Jones, a foster mother to many kids in foster care. Throughout her journey she has advocated that Christmas is a crucial time of the year for those that might feel disenfranchised and disconnected. Forth comes the idea of Jump on the Bus, a Christmas tradition that unites as many kids in foster care as possible and spend Christmas Day accompanied rather than spending it alone, they Jump on the Bus for the enjoyment of the day. 

O’city Network joined Jump on the Bus after its founder Daniel Watson volunteered one Christmas Day back in 2014. He quotes “I remember participating for the first time in this special event, seeing the happiness of all the youth brought me a lot of joy. That day I decided that I would take part in ensuring this tradition stays alive.” Joining forces with Penny Jones. Jump on the Bus now drives 4 tour buses with 110+ kids in care through Orlando’s Tourist District singing Christmas carols, and sharing stories while stopping at venues to enjoy. 

None of this would be possible without the help of leaders across Central Florida. Embrace Families which ensures that transportation is provided for all participants on Christmas Day.  Fun Spot of America which provides passes for the kids to enjoy all the rides in the theme park. KINGS! opens its venue to provide bowling, arcade games and lunch for all the kids. ICE! at the Gaylord Palms allows kids to enjoy an Ice sculpture exhibit and Chefs Against Hunger for providing some delicious boxed lunches.Thank you to these venues and leaders that support their community and care for those that are most vulnerable. They open their doors to the kids with a Christmas message of unity and solidarity. 

Now approaching its 10 year celebration since its inception, Jump on the Bus promises to continue bringing Christmas joy to kids in care across Central Florida.

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